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Vapes for Beginners A Vaper's Glossary

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    •Analog: What vapers call a traditional tobacco (or real) cigarette, where a mod or ENDS is “digital”.
    •All Day Vape (ADV): The e-liquid you most rely on or favor. The e-liquid you constantly vape because it never gets old.
    •Atomizer: The heating unit of the electronic cigarette. Metal wire wrapped around a core and is contained in a metal housing that screws into the battery. When electricity from the battery is applied it vaporizes the e-liquid. This generates the vapor
    •Automatic (Auto): A battery that when taking a draw activates the heating element. No button is used to activate the heating element. An internal sensor activates automatically when air is allowed to follow through the battery.
    •Battery > The battery provides power to the atomizer/cartomizer or preferred topper when the user draws on the mouthpiece. It is in general lithium-ion, ranges in many sizes. Some of the smaller “mini” batts, have an LED on the end to simulate the heat glow from what an analog cigarette creates when a draw or puff is taken. Some are internal and non-replaceable batteries and others are external batteries which will require an external charger to charge. Some examples are 18650, 20700, and 21700 sizes.
    •Blank: Often referred to as an empty cartridge or pod that a user can fill with their desired eliquid.
    •Cartomizer (Carto): The cartomizer combines a heating element and a juice delivery system into a single unit. It is disposable and not considered to be refillable, although many users manage to do so. Cartomizers can come in a single coil, dual coil, or even a triple coil configuration. Single coils use one coil and our standard in cartomizers. Dual coils have two coils and our commonly used in tanks. Having more than one coil has the ability to produce twice as much vapor or the same amount twice as fast from the standard.
    •Cartomizer Tank: A cartomizer tank is a tube to hold e-liquid. The cartomizer sits in the middle of the tube and will have a hole punched in the bottom so that the e-liquid can feed itself into the cartomizer.
    •Charger: A battery charger is used to recharge your e-cig battery once it has been depleted. There are chargers that can charge 1 to multiple batteries, depending on your needs.
    •CASAA: Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association. A non –profit organization campaigning on the behalf of Vapers.
    •Coil: A coil is generally a piece of wire that has been wrapped around a kind of wick. Current flows through the coil; the coil gets hot, and vaporizes your e-liquid. Coil materials are Kanthal, Nickel, Nichrome, Stainless Steel, or Titanium.
    •Clearomizer: A clearomizer is the transparent version of a cartomizer. Designed to allow users to see how much e-liquid they have left. Many have ml graduations for the capacity of e-liquid left. Made of very easily breakable plastic in order to remain transparent. A wick or wicks, are generally used for the juice delivery to the coil. There are top coil and bottom coil configurations. Many versions are constantly evolving in order to improve the performance the user desires.
    •Cut-Off: Cut-Off or stopping point. Automatic shutdown is a feature which happens if you take to long a draw from an e-cigarette. This shutdown feature generally happens after a 5-10 second draw. This feature aids in preventing the atomizer/cartomizer from overheating. Following a cut-off some e-cigarettes will flash the LED indicating a cut-off is in effect from a long draw from the user.
    •Dual Coil: Dual Coil-s These can be dual coil RDA’s in which you install 2 coils. Some Dual coil RDA’s come with inserts so that you can use a dual coil RDA as a single coil RDA, which would be just one coil.
    •De-wick: Removing the wick from an atomizer.
    •Disposable E-Cig: The disposable e-cigarette usually comes with no charger or way to charge it. It is designed to be used once and to last long enough for you to vape through 1 prefilled cartomizer. It is a 1 piece design. It is said to last up to 24 hours.
    •DIY: Do It Yourself: Anything that involves doing it yourself. Often term used for mixing e-liquid with its components.
    •Drip: To drip drops of e-liquid into an atomizer, usually an RDA which is a rebuildable dripping atomizer.
    •Drip Tip: A drip tip is essentially a mouth piece. The tip has an enlarged opening allowing you to drip e-liquid directly into it. Drip tips are used on replaceable coil tanks as well as RDA’s (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) and RTA’s Rebuildable Tank Atomizer). Drip tips come in many different colors, styles, and materials. Currently there are 510 drip tips and 810 goon style drip tips.
    •Dripping: Dripping is the act of allowing e-liquid to manually getting to the coil by “dripping” e-liquid onto the coil directly. Some consider “dripping” to provide the best vapor, throat hit and flavor.
    •Dry Hits: This can occur when not enough e-liquid is supplied to an atomizer or coil, resulting in poor vapor and flavor.
    •Drip Well: The drip well is typically is a bowl shape on a mod where the atomizer female connector resides. The well is designed to catch any excess e-liquid that may have leaked from the atomizer.
    •ENDS: – (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) The electronic nicotine delivery system is a revolutionary new device that acts much the same way an ordinary tobacco cigarette would, however rather than producing smoke from combustion, it produces vapor from vaporization of the e-liquid. Since our liquids contain no tobacco and because the FDA compares us to analog cigarettes, many vapers have adopted this name in place of ecig or electronic cigarette, those terms were more widely used when our devices were as small and shaped like cigarettes.

    •E-Liquid (Ejuice): The liquid that is used to vaporize. E-liquid is vaporized by the heating element and this vapor is inhaled to create the sensation of smoking. Typically contains Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine and Flavoring. Nicotine is optional.
    •Filler Material or Wicking: This is the filling inside a coil or pod. It soaks the e-liquid and directly brings it to the coil. The most popular wicking material is Japanese Organic Cotton but there is also mesh and ceramic wicking materials as well.
    •Flooding: This occurs when too much e-liquid has flooded an atomizer (atty) or coil and results in poor vapor and can cause “gurgling”.
    •Gurgling: Usually occurs when too much e-liquid is supplied to a given device resulting in flooding. Another cause is condensation built up in the air passage.
    •IMR: Lithium Ion Manganese Rechargeable Battery.
    •ICR: Lithium Ion Cobalt Rechargeable Battery.
    •Juice: Also know as e-liquid or ejuice Purchased separately for user to fill their tanks, pods, or drip into RDA’s- Using your purchased Juice in a bottle in a more cost effective way to vape and usually taste better than buying prefilled pods and allows you access to a wide variety of different flavors.
    •Kanthal: One of the types of resistance wire used for a heating coil in either an atomizer or pod. The others are Nichrome, Nickel, Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, and Titanium
    •mah: The term “mAh” references to Milliamp per Hour of the battery. The higher the mah, the longer the battery will last before needing to be recharged.
    •Mini: A smaller than average sized ENDS.
    •Milliliters (mL): The amount or portions measured in a given container of eliquid, tank, or pod.
    •Milligrams (MG): The amount or level of nicotine found in e-liquid. Typical levels are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg,12mg,16mg,24mg. You can also get higher amounts of nicotine in Nicotine Salts.
    •Mod: A custom built ENDS device, but the term now means just about any ENDS device.
    •NiMH: Ni-MH stands for Nickel-Metal Hydride. Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries have no Cadmium added. Cadmium is hazardous to the environment. When using Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries, charging should be monitored to avoid overcharging. Nickel Metal Hydride has no memory effect and can be charged or topped off at any time without affecting battery life.
    •Nicotine: An alkaloid found in tobacco and other plants of the nightshade family.
    •Ohm: A measure of electrical resistance. A lower number indicates lower resistance and therefore creates faster heating.
    •Pass-through: A Pass-through can be either a device itself or part of a mod. It is the device itself, you can connect your tank to it and then plug it into the USB port of a computer or USB wall adapter. It receives power through either. Pass-through is built into some mods allowing you to use them without a battery.
    • Pod System: A style of ENDS, that uses tiny pods that you purchase filled or empty and fill yourself, with eliquid or nicotine salts. The pod contains the coil and wicking material and is disposed of when it has reached it’s end of life.
    •Propylene Glycol (PG): Propylene Glycol is used as a base carrier for the nicotine and flavoring. Propylene Glycol has been deemed generally safe to be used in medical products as well as in food products for general consumption. Some people have reported having an allergic reaction to PG.
    •Priming Coils: The act of dripping drops of eliquid into the wicking material of a coil so that you do not burn the wicking material when firing the mod. Once wicking material gets singed, you can’t get rid of the burnt taste and that wicking will need to be replaced or disposed of if using a non rebuilable coil. You should always prime your coils before use.
    •Pull: The draw you take from your mod or ENDS.
    •RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer: RDA’s vary in design and size, it is an atomizer in which you build the coil and install the coil into the atomizer deck. It is then wicked, typically with Japanese Organic Cotton and then you drip directly onto the cotton or coil to vape.
    •RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: RTA’s vary in design and size, it is an atomizer in which you build the coil and install the coil into the atomizer deck, It is then wicked, typically with Japanese Organic Cotton and then you install the deck into a tank.
    •Stacking: Stacking is the act of using two batteries in series instead of one battery. You should always use matched battery pairs, bought together and charged together and devices that have vent holes. The wrap of your batteries should not be ripped or torn.
    •Steeping: The act of letting your e-liquid sit for a length of time. The purpose is to allow the components of the e-liquid to merry or intermingle and mature. Some users will try an e-liquid immediately after receiving it and find it not favorable. By letting it sif for an allotted amount of time and retrying it later can improve the flavor. Sometimes a couple of days or as much as a week or two of letting the juice steep will make a e-liquid taste great. Opening the cap and letting the air into the bottle is sometimes also a preferred method of steeping, along with shaking the bottles to mix the components.
    •Throat Hit : Is the sensation that is felt in the back of the throat when inhalation is taken from the mouth down the throat. Some factors to the throat hit felt are, the nicotine level used, and or the quality of the e-liquid. Higher levels of nicotine generally give a greater throat hit. Personal vaping habits or techniques are also factors for throat hit.
    •Topping Off: Adding more e-liquid into a tank so that it is full. is called topping off.
    •Vaping: The act of using a mod or ENDS. Power is supplied to the heating element which vaporizes the e-liquid and vapor is then taken into the lungs and provides the sensation of smoking along with nicotine if it is present in the e-liquid.
    •Vape: The electronic version of “to smoke”. Refers to as such because of water vapor produced when e-liquid is heated by the atomizer.
    •Vapor: The water vapor that is produced when the liquid is heated by the atomizer or coil.
    •Vaper: A person who vapes. A smoker smokes. A Vaper vapes.
    •Vaporize: The act of turning a liquid into a gas or vapor.
    •Variable Voltage (VV): Allows you to control how many volts your device will produce. With a variable voltage mod, you have the ability to dial in the voltage by a click of a button A typical voltage range for variable voltage is 3.0 volts – 9.0 volts and VV device’s can change these volt settings typically in .01 or .05 increments.
    •Variable Wattage (VW): Allows you to control how many watts your device will produce. Variable wattage is volts converted to watts by your Mod and can usually be adjusted in .01, .05, or 1 watt increments.
    •VV/VW: Most mods or ENDS utilize Wattage for measuring power but some also incorporate both variable voltage and variable wattage features.
    •Vapor Production: This indicates how much vapor is produced using an average inhale via the exhale.
    •Vent Holes: Vent holes are used in battery compartments and are designed to vent gases in the event of a battery failure.
    •Watts: Watts is a measurement of power which is the function of the voltage of your mod and the resistance of your atomizer or cartomizer. Watts = Voltage (squared) of your device divided by the resistance of your atomizer or cartomizer.
    •Wick: A wick is an absorbent material that is used in coils or atomizers. Japanese Organic Cotton is most often used for wicking, but there is also SS Mesh and Ceramic wicking materials.

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