Anyone ever tried….( ?? )

Tanks & Rebuildables Anyone ever tried….( ?? )

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    Turtle D.

    Hey yall!!! Was wondering if anyone on here has ever hears of or used coils or wire 2 build from ” 270wirez ” I recently bumped into their page…so I ordered some juice called – giants blood (watermelon&grape candy vape) &got a pair of the the mohawk aliens . Never used those but they looked amazing!!!!

    Yall need 2 go check their page out …just look up ” 270 wirez ” the built coils they have are AMAZING …some of the best I’ve heard thru a few friends and few people I’ve just met over a group I started on fb I own. Lemme know what ya think on comments to thread once ha go look …and lemme know whatcha think about my purchase. I’m 3 months onto the whole vape Journey…. that’s another reason I started my group for beginners and advanced vapors so ordinary people could share their experiences and be a tribe of people who love the same stuff or other could give pointers;) 🙂 ♡ Vape Journey Tribe



    I can’t say that I ever heard of them and exotic coils are just not my vaping style, I do round wire builds, nothing fancy. I checked their page out and compared to a couple other premade coil brands and they seem to be a bit higher priced than the ones I checked, Coilology is one I checked and 20 wirez was about a dollar higher in price. What matters is if you are happy and they work for you, if you think they work awesome for you, than you made a good purchase!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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