Baby beast troubles and a great B and M!

Tanks & Rebuildables Baby beast troubles and a great B and M!

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    So…I am not sure if this is the proper section, but I saw the word tanks and figured I would try my luck.
    A few weeks ago I bought a new Q2 for my Baby Beast and some juice at my local. I got it home and spent three weeks trying to get the coil to screw into the base. I FINALLY got into the shop today because the wife needed some stuff from there. Took the tank, coil, and mod with me. One of the owners,let’s call him B, was in. I explained my situation and utmost apologies for not coming in during the 7-Day return/exchange time. He checked it out and tried a different coil. Said the threads were just fine and that I likely got a dud coil. He was nice enough to let me keep the coil and even straightened the bend in the chimney for me. Have to say that I love my local and am thankful for the guys that own it. I was just curious if anyone else has had the same issues with the Q2, or other coils on the BB and how prevalent it is among them. Glad to be back to vaping again…and thanks for hearing me out.

    I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong section. Still getting used to navigating this forum.



    Sorry don’t own that tank so I can’t relate. Sounds a bit strange as those coils are supposed to be compatible with many different tanks. Those coils are mass produced so hearing of a bad coil made in the hundred of thousand coils made is certainly not unheard of. Glad your local made it right for you!



    I ended up blowing through a 15ml bottle on it in under 8 hours. Mainly because of the fact that it got knocked off of the counter and the tank shattered; so I had to drip directly onto the coil. Thankfully, I have since votten a new glass put on it amd my new bottle is lasting much longer.



    I own 2 bb tanks for my alien and 1 in every 4 q2 coils i have had had fitment issues from the only thing i can say is keep buying the 5 packs there is such a thing as fake coils so that could be the issue but i doubt it most likly it was just poorly machined these things are being spit out in the 1000s there are bound to be imperfections as well as different lifespans of the cotton in the coils

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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