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Vaping Mods Box Mod Recommendations…..

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    Any Recommendations For a Box Mod At Least 200W And A Tank That Delivers Massive Flavor And Cloud Production? There’s So Much Out There Now days It’s Hard To Pick. Thanks Vapestas!!!



    I moved this out of the original thread it was in as not to hijack someone else’s thread. Plus I don’t feel that this post belongs in the Vaping for Beginners forum.

    As far as recommendations for a mod, you need to be a bit more specific, are you interested in built in battery, dual 18650 battery, 20700 or 21700 battery mods? There is alot out there but they all just about do the same thing, so then you have to ask yourself about the form factor and battery configuration that you want. Personally I don’t think I would ever need to vape at 200 watts, but for 200 watt mods, I like the Smoant Charon TC 218 and I hear alot of great things about the Innokin Proton. As far as flavor and clouds, you are going to want to get something with mesh coils, I hear alot of good things about the Falcon Tank and the Proton Plex Tank with the Plexus Coils.

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    slow cheetah

    Hi, just an idea, but your best shots gonna be researching & finding out what’s best for you. First of all I made the same “mistake” of asking about a 200W mod when I first started out and a shit ton of them are rated that high but no one, really, NO ONE bumps their wattage up that high; u will lose most all of your flavor and to date I don’t know of any GOOD tanks that even have coils that can be used at such a high wattage. It is nice to have a powerful mod but really u don’t need all that. Personally my current fave tank is the Freemax Fireluke Mesh. GREAT flavor. To each their own on that when it comes to tanks but the other poster is right; mesh coils ARE BEST for flavor. Nobody really needs a lot of vapor clouds unless you’re doing tricks and shit. FFS…LEAVE SMOK TANKS ALONE! Coils burn out in no time, made poorly, even the new Mesh ones. Not worth the hype. Pass on the HorizonTech Falcon too. leakage issues and their selling point is their coils made out of different stuff such as cotton and wood pulp, flax paper, flax fiber, it’s really not big difference but only thing that tanks got going for it is coil longevity. Now u asked about a mod too, but I’m Rambling about tanks, bc really, tank is what’s really gonna push your vape experience. Great mods aren’t gonna matter much if you got a shitty tank on top. Speaking from experience Smok’s MODS are ok. I’ve had Fuchai and IPV, both were shitty and not very powerful. Also u want to ask yourself if it’s gonna be driving u nutz to have to keep taking batteries in and out to charge BC even though u CAN charge through most mods it’s not recommended. Personally I find it a nuisance. If you get a bit clumsy & drop shit, either get one that doesn’t have a big ass battery door or if you do, put a silicone protector over it so if you drop your batteries aren’t falling out everywhere. It is a good idea to keep a couple of mods around. If one happens to act a fool on ya for some reason u got a backup. I wwould suggest trying out an internal battery mod. Easy to charge & no battery swapping. I would also recommend NOT buying a dirt cheap one or one from a local vape shop as #1, u get what u pay for and #2 vape shops tend to charge u way more for stuff u can find online (eBay) for a hell of a lot cheaper. I’ve got a couple of mods I’m looking to sell that are still in great condition I just want to try out that new Voopoo Drag Mini! No personal experiences with VooPoo but Drag is very popular mod.
    Well, hope I’ve helped, sorry for the long post, just like to try and help because I’ve been where u are and I wished I had someone to tell me shit like this that could’ve saved me $ & time! Try to take as best care u can if your shits as it’s easy to drop stuff, get stuff spilled on or in them. Keep ur shit good and cleaned out and free of dust. If ypu would like any other advice or suggestions I’ll be glad to help, if you might be interested in buying one of my mods for sale let me know, I will post on eBay for you. Got a couple tanks to get rid of that I’m not using as well (the Falcon which is gonna come with coils and bubble and extra glass; an Eleaf Melo that’s gonna go with my Eleaf ikuu & also have a Prince tank that matches that if u want to try ur luck with it!😜Also have a shit ton of vape juices I need to get rid of two bC I’m not using them but they are all dessert flavours. One more thing, don’t buy cheap JUICE! will fuck up your shit and is waste of money. Vape on man 💨💨



    I agree that mesh coils are the way to go. I’ve not tried the fireluke but have a falcon that works fine and the coils last forever! So far (touch wood) I’ve had no leakage problems – unlike smok tanks which are so picky about how tight to screw them together, sometimes it works to just pull off a leaking seal and put it back on, sometimes not tightening it too much, sometimes I’m sure it depends on the phase of the Moon whether a new coil will cause leaks! As for mods, any well known brand should be good, check through the latest review videos on youtube to help decide.

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