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    I’ve just recently got the tfv12 prince tank by smok. And I love it….vesides going through those coils. I’m using the mag 225 right now. I’m looking for answers on a good coil that lasts a little longer on the prince. Or what new tank to use on my mag where the coils will last longer. If someone would help I really appreciate it. The stress of the coils is almost bringing me to just start smoking again if it’s just gonna cost me as much money as it was smoking.

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    I’m not too familiar with tanks but I’m not sure there are any compatible coils for the prince. It’s slightly different from the tfv12 big beast. Quite a few people have been getting good luck with the fireluke mesh pro or the horizon falcon with the m triple mesh coils. Might be worth checking those out.

    I feel your pain, I got burnt on factory coils using my ego pen. When I started they were lasting around 7-10 days, by the time I gave up on them they were lasting anywhere from a couple days to lasting only one tank full (around 2.2ml) and the next time I’d fill the tank they’d crap out. Was paying around $13-14 for 5 2.4ohm coil heads so similar to subtank coils. Decided I didn’t want to be stuck replacing often or facing out of stock coils so got an rta and a spool of 28ga ss316L wire and made my own.

    24 or 26ga works a bit better for most rta’s unless they’re smaller or you twist the finer wire. I didn’t even have a coil jig, just used various sized nails and small screwdrivers to wrap the wire around. Bought a bag of muji cotton for around $8 and still using it over 2.5yrs later. Maybe another option to consider down the road, it’s a lot cheaper. Probably spend less than $20/yr on wire and cotton and that’s making my own fused claptons. Simple round wire coils are cheaper yet. Granted it’s not as convenient as subtank coil heads but if saving money’s a concern.

    Not sure where you’re from, I’m in the states and my state has the cheapest cigarette prices of all 50 states. I was smoking generics at $24/ctn with tax and vaping is way cheaper. Over $1000 a year cheaper. Even if I buy a midrange mod for around $50 and a $30 tank, I’m saving over $900/yr. Where cig prices are higher, savings would be even more. Not to mention health benefits. Just trying to show vaping doesn’t have to be super expensive. It’s worth sticking with it.



    Thank you. That helps a lot I’m gonna screen shot your reply it’s very helpful.



    I personally stay away from Smok products, I read and hear about bad coils and defective devices from them alot. I would suggest the basics,

    1. Always prime a new coil

    2. Do not hit the new coil with alot of wattage at first. Start low and gradually bring the wattage up.

    3. You don’t say what wattage you are using, you may just need to bring it down some.

    4. On going back to smoking, that is just silly, this is one product amongst many! If we all felt that way back in 2009, none of what we have today would be here and we would jot be vapers.



    Looking for a good backup mod kit. I currently have the Vaporesso Revenger. Omg best mod ever. I’ve only been vaping a year. Quit smoking last Feb. Dropped my revenger the other day thought it broke but it is still working. Flew in a million pieces. My heart stopped. I need another as a back up. Any suggestions. I am a heavy vapor to stop that urge for cigs. So many choices out there. Let me know what your using. I don’t usually vape much higher than 60 watts. Not a fan of smok I hear to many bad things.



    Can’t go wrong with the Innokin Proton, Voopoo Drag, Geekvape Aegis Legend or Nova, all are solid mods!

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