interesting, but confusing thing happening when I vape

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    Hello everyone…. I’ve been vaping for about 6 months. I’ve tried over 15 different mods/pens and all but 2 never worked out for me. I used to Vape an eVic VT with a Crown 3 tank, but it stopped charging so I then moved to my backup mod which is an Asmodus with an old Kanger tank after dropping and breaking my Crown 3. Then of course my Asmodus stopped working during Christmas… Now I’m modless 🙁 However, I keep getting this interesting but weird thing happening whenever I Vape off any mod/tank/coil combo… I wonder if anyone else has this happen….

    Literally every Vape my moustache gets wet, LOL. It is occasionally bothersome and I can’t help but wonder if this is Normal… Any thoughts?



    I am not understanding the issue? Vapor is wet and if you are blowing out a large volume of vapor, that is possible. I just take a napking and wipe any moisture away.


    I never said “issue”… The reason it is interesting to me and “sometimes” bothersome (Can’t always carry a cloth or napkin with me everywhere I go) is because it doesn’t matter how big or small my draw is, which juice, which mod/tank/coil combo it happens literally every single draw I take (Yes even those 1/2 second draws too). I know many people that vape and most of them draw much longer and produce clouds larger than I do, yet they don’t seem to have this happen to them. Also I am literally meaning WET.. 3 draws without wiping and it is dripping off my moustache as if I just poured water on my face.



    I can’t say that I ever experienced that much moisture when vaping but have become accustomed to having to bring napkins or a cloth me to clean drip tips or wipe some juice leaking alot. Things change alot in winter, the cold affects liquid viscosity so always having to wipe things down. In any case, I don’t think it is something to worry about, just part of what happens during vaping. Does this seem to happen indoors or outdoors?

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    Hey man been bearded my whole vaping life yes it’s normal it’s a pin in backside more so when you have someone you kiss on the regular my wife hates it lol but look keeping the hair trimmed off of you lip and from around the corner of your mouth is about the best you can do it’s just excess condensation that collects no big deal or anything also has to do with how you exhale direction what part of your mouth so on so forth don’t let that keep you from enjoying the vape man

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