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    I have treated myself to a Geek Vapes Legend mod with a Falcon tank using M1 and M2 mesh coils. The question I ask is I’ve noticed on the mod there is a Bypass mode. What is it and is it safe for my tank and coils?




    Bypass mode will allow you to use your mod as a mechanical mod with some protection from the board that you would not get with a mechanical mod. So you would be vaping straight from the battery without any regulation from the mod. Regulated mods will regulate and give you the same wattage/voltage every time you press the fire button where as a mechanical mod only gives you what your batteries can give you, so your wattage/voltage goes down as you vape. With standard tanks and stock coils, I would see no reason to use bypass mode, it is there for people who use RDA’s who like the vape that a mechanical mod gives them. I think your vaping experience would be so much better in straight wattage mode as the mod will give you the same voltage until the batteries need to be recharged.



    Thanks for your reply.
    Very interesting reading.
    I only had a couple of vapes in bypass anyway, as I wasn’t sure about it.
    Cheers for the great info.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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