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    Yeah, water is a big one. I’ve heard it has a lot to do with the PG content as opposed to the flavoring and/or VG (vegetable glycerin). Perhaps see what your PG/VG ratio is and start going incrementally higher on VG and lower on PG. Everyone is different too. It took me months to get my taste buds back. I didn’t know about the need to drink extra water, so that may have played a part. The other thing too is the ejuice your using. As Steve said, switch up flavors so your taste buds don’t go “tongue blind” to flavors they are constantly exposed to. The other thing I’ve learned over the years is that ejuice is SO subjective and theirs no one that can tell you that “this stuff is great and that stuff is bad”. I’ve tried countless liquids that got rave reviews that I thought were terrible or at least flavorless. Example: I’m on a Charlies Chalk Dust/Meringue family/Pachamama kick right now. I’ve purchased one 60ml bottle of all their flavors. I’m about 6 or 7 bottles in and I already think four are bad. Does that mean CCD makes bad juice? Absolutely not. The two I like are awesome. And I expect that I’ll find another two or three that I really like, and a few that I don’t. But you read the reviews of the ones I don’t like and they say stuff like “this is the best sherbert flavor I’ve ever tasted” or ” I found my new all-day-vape”. So that’s the thing, your gonna find stuff you like and stuff that tastes terrible, sometimes from the same company. You need to, if you are able to, buy as many samples from as many companies as possible and find the ones that do it for you.



    I’m using the Vision Spinner 2, bought 3 batteries so I won’t have a dead one at any time. I want to purchase a beginner mod. Any recommendations would be welcome. Not chasing clouds, I’m looking for a more intense flavor. Loving the strawberry Astronaut but I feel I could get a better taste from a mod. Chime in here if you have a second. 👍 thanks!



    Lori, do you want internal batteries or would you want external batteries that you will need a charger for? What is the wattage range you usually vape at? Are you a mouth to lung vaper, or direct lung?



    Thank you for responding, wow! That was fast!
    I’m not sure what type of vapor I am. It’s different from how I took a drag on a cigarette. I drag the spinner slow, inhaling at the same time.
    I honestly have no clue what watt the vision spinner 2 fires at? It doesn’t have a screen. It has a spin dial for volts. 3.3, 3.8, 4.3 and 4.8v. I feel like as the battery gets lower, I’m turning the volt up. Not even sure if it’s doing anything though.
    I’m thinking internal battery. Also, I’m looking for a low watt capable coil. If I want to turn it down to 17w, 25w, or up to 50w, it would feel nice to have that capability.
    Trying not to go below 3000 mah battery (I’ve been doing a lot of reading)
    I don’t step away for a “10 min session” I sit in my kitchen and vape as if I’m still that smoker, probably twice every minute. Probably more than I need 😐
    I’m 53, and I’ve smoked forEVER! Everyday, all day long. I am 15 days cigarette free and surprisingly, I do not miss it. My brother in law stepped into my kitchen and near knocked me out with the smell smoke on him. His breath tho!😖 honestly couldn’t wait for him to go! I’m sorry I made my husband smell that on me for 35 years. 😕



    Well, going to be hard to find a 3000 mah internal battery unless you go with something like the Innokin MVP 4, there is supposedly an MVP 5 coming out this year but no specs on it yet. As far as a device, I would say the Innokin Kroma kit with the Zenith tank would be a good choice. You can still get a restricted direct lung from it, if you get the Innokin .50ohm Z-coils and have a decent vape. I believe there is a 2000 mah internal battery in the Kroma. Innokin makes great products and I don’t think you can go wrong. Even if you don’t like the tank, you could always use other tanks on the Kroma, including the one you are using.

    As far as vaping so much, if you just quit and are vaping that much, I think the 6mg nicotine is too low. Maybe step up to a 12mg and you will vape less. There is no reason to vape so much more than we ever smoked, this is harm reduction not harm elimination. Most vapers already vape more than we smoked due to the fact there really is no finish to our devices until the battery is dead. When we smoked, we finished a cigarette and probably didn’t light another one up for awhile. So upping the nicotine will give you what your craving and you could possibly vape less. There also is no harm in having a higher mg nic liquid for when you want a cigarette and a lower say 3mg for when you just feel like vaping. I use both 12mg and 3 mg, I was a smoker for over 35 years and been smoke free now for a little over 2 and a half years.



    that is the best and cheapest starting kits and pods that I have ever have deal with . you should get it as fast as you can cause quality of this product is 5 star and the discount is 80% only this week.

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