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    Cajun Jason

    Stuck between Smok Gpriv 2 or Smoant Charon. Both are nice touch screens. What hyou think? Pros and cons. Thanks



    Definitely have to say Smoant over Smok. I have the Smoant Charron TC218 and it is a quality made mod. IMO, Smok is churning out a lot of cheap mods and tanks and I see a lot of users complain about their mods dying. I would go with Smoant.



    Just to let you know the Charon isn’t a touchscreen although it’s a really good looking mod.I just bought a Smoant Cylon in black it has the same screen and has alot more metal and I’m a dropper of mods with nerve age to my hands so metal counts…lol I say absolutely Smoant is your best choice.


    Cajun Jason

    Yes you’re absolutely right about the cylon it seems like a solid device, it reminds me of the wismec predator, which I use to own and my only problem I had with it was the battery door being hinged and after a few months of wear and tear the door kept popping open and I was ddropping batteries. Iv been through a few smok devices and the 510 connection is my biggest concern with them.


    Cajun Jason

    I was talking about the smoant charon ts vs smok gpriv 2,sorry for the confusion.



    I’ve had a smok g priv for a really long time and it still works like it did the day I bought it. Never once had a issue ei Th anything on it and I recently just bought the baby prince tank for it aswell. No issues either. I would definitely recommend it.



    All I use are smok prebuilts everywhere online says the coils are kanthal but I use all the coils in tc mode perfectly. Except the mesh an strip. I’ve been using them in tc mode the last year or so I I use the t8 in my bbb,an the x6 in my prince tank they work perfect they read amps and resistance fine. Are these coils k. Kanthal or ss. I use my xpriv an alien mods in tc mode all day every day anyone no anything bout the coils?

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