Solid gold SNOWWOLF MFENG 200W start kit ….

Vaping Mods Solid gold SNOWWOLF MFENG 200W start kit ….

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    Turtle D.

    Hey new friends!!
    So I’m looking to buy my 1st upgrade from my prince stick. I’ve been eyeballing this new snowwolf in the solid gold color but also liking the full rainbow version also …. so my question is …

    Does anyone have it ?
    Pros and cons?
    Which color did u go with?
    Did u keep the tank that comes with it? A person I ran into locally with it ..bought the orca colored one ..but said he changed the tank to a new falcon …so made me wonder later after thinking … what made him change? Was it a preference thing or was something bad about the tank?
    This will be a Mod I keep for awhile ..just because we are on a tight budget latley. We just took full custody of my baby cousin I’ve basicly raised her whole life due 2 some issues but n-e’who… needing something that’s gunna last. That’s easy maintenance. Around the 50 to 60 buck range for mod and tank . If yall know of something better I should checkout and indoor smokers has a video on it i can see please lemme know …I’d love 2 check it out. I’m tired of gazing trillions of mods and having no clue of anything about them or the maker. My wife and myself have only been vaping now for 2 weeks and 1 day so dont really know alot of the slang or lingo but lol I’m trying to learn 🙂 been really intrested in learning about making Coils and these drip tips I see alot of people using. So maybe down the line I’ll be back on here asking for tips and advice on those puppies 🙂
    Thanks so much 4 reading. Vape on! Be kind 2 others & dont 4get.. SHARE A SMILE!!!

    (HOPE this was a o.k. 1st forum post … never been one 2 reach out like this but this community looked like a perfect place 4 me 2 snuggle in and learn with y silly newbie questions )



    I wish I could help you here, but I don’t own any Smok products and honestly have stayed away from them just based on reviews and posts I have seen about their products. I can understand a budget as I stick to a monthly budget that I set for myself for eliquid as well as new hardware. I find that you want to make sure that whatever mod you get, make sure it can take you to the next level if you feel like you will ever go there. Don’t by a 40 watt device if you think you will ever vape higher. Same with tanks, if you are going to buy tanks, I try and stick with tanks that will use the same coils as having to keep different coils in stock all the time can be pricey.

    As far as mods go, there is so much out there now, way more than we ever had when I first started vaping, so there are many many choices. I try and stick with well known names, Innokin, Joyetech, Smoant, Eleaf to name a few. They have been proven players in the vape industry and you can’t go wrong with most of their stuff. Hard to say what device will look and last years, but I find those brands seem to stand up to wear and tear. Maybe some others will chime in and give their opinion, honestly, I think the Innokin Proton Plexus kit is one that should work for quite a while.



    Hi! I own the Snowwolf Mfeng by Sigelei. I love mine! I bought the stainless steel with the silver wolf because I’m a Game of Thrones geek.
    However aside from the fun 3D wolf, it performs amazing! I have heard that Sigelei had issues with some of their mods in the past but they knocked it out of the park with this one! As far as changing out the tank goes, I have did change to a FreeMax Mesh Pro but not because the wolf tank was bad or anything. I just wanted one of the best selling tanks on the market right now. I have used the Wolf tank and its fine. (Secretly I wanted to get a Valyrian to totally geek out my mod but I don’t vape as high as 95W which is the Valyrian’s sweet spot.) The Snowwolf 200W is supposed to be limited edition so I don’t know how long you can get one.

    The only con I can think of so far is that because of the weird bottom it does tend to fall over. Which sucks. But if you are careful then you should be good.

    Also, it has a nice screen but isn’t touch screen, have fun images on it or do anything fancy just what it needs to do to vape up to 235W.

    Now that I have told you how much I love my Wolf, it is more “gimmicky fun” then “ride or die.” I hope that makes sense. If you are looking for a mod to be with you for awhile I would give the nod to the VooPoo Drag all day long. Most will agree its a great mod, it has the Gene chip (google that) and it cool looking with out being “extra.” The tank that comes with is the UForce which is a good tank but u can always just get the mod and add a Falcon or Mesh Pro.

    I hope that helps!


    Turtle D.



    Turtle D.

    Thanks megan …
    I’ve had a few people tell me pick up a drag so been looking into them . I’m just not a fan of the uforce tank …. I’m loving this baby beast on my prince stick with a dual mesh coil … it really puts out the vapor 4me my prob is I gotta buy some good juice instead of these weak house juices I had 2 buy few days ago becuz was handy and got a great deal so I wouldnt run out and hv 2 smoke any icky sticks (yuck…cant stand 2 even smell a cig now)
    I’ve got 2 find a upgrade tho pretty soon …becuz I’m just needing a little more also having to buy a coil about 4 to 5 days but dunno with this dual mesh yet. So far had it in 2days and its blowing my mind the vapor that’s coming out. Definitely cant drive and blow the vapor str8 out in front of me …cause cant see the road lol

    I wanna get a voopoo vfl to have on the backup. Those suckers look awesome but that’s totally off subject…I’m very random lol kinda comes from having 2 active kiddos running around . So tend to lose thought ez 🙂
    Speaking of kiddos they are hungry so gotta run 2 feed them. Thanks for the reply.



    I went from the smok stick v8 to the Vaporesso Revenger. Omg unbelievable difference. Absolutely love my revenger good solid mod and nrg tank. I stopped smoking in Feb so less than a year and couldn’t have done it without vaping. Smoked for over 55 yrs. So I’m new to this also. I’m also looking for a backup new mod. It can be overwhelming so many to choose from. Was looking at the snow wolf mfeng. But I’m considering the voopoo drag. See a lot of great reviews on it. Not sure yet. I’m also looking for feedback on mods. But I can tell you my vaporesso revenger is a must have. Great vape. I’m so paranoid that if I break it or something I must have a backup. Lol


    Turtle D.

    Mamadudes …. I just got a Switcher by vaporesso and I love it. I got the one with lights (the red…and black one) I gotta say it’s a nice mod . Buttttt I do not like the NRG tank that comes with it. It just doesnt put off a good cloud for me . Now i added my voopoo uforce tank 2 it and it made it much better . The uforce has the n1 coil in it so that made a difference also ….. the coils in each tank need 2 be switched out with all the ones the brand makes for your mod to see which suites u best I think . The best tank I’ve found that goes with my older snowwolf 230 limited …my switcher ….and my new xpriv 230 ….is the beast and baby beast with mesh dual coils ….omg they gave that tank the right name for sure ….on each mod I’ve tried it on …even the prince stick …its a beast 4sure!!!! This xpriv I ordered from vapehappy came yesterday … when I got it I thought it seemed different from what I ordered…so I got 2 looking back thru emails and sure enuff vapehappy sent me the wrong mod kit …I ordered the xpriv baby kit but they sent me the daddy instead so I’m not happy with my vapehappy experience. I wanted tthe xpriv baby 80w mod kit …becuz it came with 3 new style coils …the mesh …. and also the one that lights up and the quad mesh but what I wanted most about the xpriv baby was the internal battery. So I spent 15mins awhile ago writing the company but I’ll hv to wait until monday I’m guessing when they open and review everything . I hope and pray they fix their screw up but in the end its gunna be a pain in my butt ….. becuz if I have 2 send this one back I’ll be without a mod at the moment becuz my others are being used by family and i definitely dont wanna smoke cigs …so it’s got me stressing . I’m wishful thinking when I hope they will just send me what I ordered and tell me to keep the other for my troubles but I dont see that happening. They will probably try 2 just say sorry heres a 2% off code for next time u order with us for any troubles lol yeah right like that’s gunna make me happy with what they did…smh.. sorry this post is off subject but needed 2 vent about it . So what a better place huh? I should have went with dnavapor like i started but… we live we learn right?

    Hope everyone reading is having a awesome weekend.

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