Vape Mail- What are you waiting on or what have you just received via Vapemail?

Vape Discussion Board Vape Mail- What are you waiting on or what have you just received via Vapemail?

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    I just bought a t-priv and I love it cigarette free for 2yrs.



    Im start with the smok v8 stick wasnt for me so i grabbed a smok alien 220 w and digging it but waiting on my falcon tank to come in and ill be as happy as a piggy in a blanket lol.



    I just received the Horizon Tech Falcon tank, and it’s by far the best sub ohm tank I’ve ever used! Flavor is just as good as my rtas.



    Have some coils for my Nautilus and Subtanks coming. Also have some juice from Mount Baker Vapor coming as well, Honey Berries, Wacky Taffy, Beast Treats, and Grape. MbV has been out of stock on quite a few of my favorite flavors for a month or so, they usually are not out that long. Found a new site for eliquids, I will probably place an order this week and update how things went before I recommend them to others.


    Cajun Jason

    Just got triple mesh coils for the fireluke pro mesh, they are guzzling down jjuice like a leaking faucet, so I ordered 240 mils of juice . Should last a few weeks.


    Toxic Shock

    I received my I-Priv mod from Vapemail. Awesome, free, I won. It is dark purple, I guess plum color. Way cool.
    Thank you Indoorsmokers.



    Just waiting for some new juice fro OMVapor and some new Q4 coils for my Stick Prince. They are havei g a hella of a sale right now. Up to 70% off. Got 130 dollars worth of juice for 40 bucks and free shipping! Check em out


    Tljordan 79

    waiting on my dollar e juice box to come in can not wait to tried the apple watermelon 5ml at 6mg



    Just joined the lounge, long time indoor Smoker toker fan.. mailbox awaits..



    Awaits what? That is what this thread is about.



    I just received the Freemax Pro Mesh and its not only gorgeous but it preforms amazingly. I’m using the double mesh coils.



    Most recent thing I got in the mail were some replacement coils for my Aspire K2 plus some drip tips from FastTech.

    Only thing I’m waiting on at the moment is some of the Hometown Hero 100ml mystery juice. I’m hoping they send flavor(s) I’ll actually vape! Fingers crossed!



    I just received sum cool vape mails past couple of days: Got a Oumier Flash V1 mod I won in a giveaway! It’s alrite but probably sell it, I Really enjoying the other things I got which is a Nunchaku kit I been wantin since it 1st came out & it’s pretty sweet! I got a Falcon resin edition it’s really cool & much better than the original model that I’ve had since it 1st came out. Got sum triple mesh coils so I can Finally try em out cuz until now I’ve only been able to get the double but they are pretty badAss!



    I’m waiting on slam piece from purge😤😤😤😤



    How do we know if we won the giveaway and if it was me lol

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 45 total)

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