Vape Mail- What are you waiting on or what have you just received via Vapemail?

Vape Discussion Board Vape Mail- What are you waiting on or what have you just received via Vapemail?

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    I just got a uwell ironfist 200w mod with a free max mesh pro and a falcon artisan sub ohm with a bunch of triple mesh coils for both. I picked up a vaporesso swag and a tfv8 baby beast for a smaller incognito vape but it doesn’t produce the vapor I’m used to. Been using a cloud beast with the octuple coil on a triple 18650 mod for a year now, so not a big surprise. I also got about a thousand MLS of liquid from various companies. Waiting on a pulse x squank mod and a profile rda from 3fvape. Never ordered straight from China before. I’ve had no luck with rebuildables in the past so hopefully this will go well.

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    I took advantage of some Black Friday Deals. Picked up 120ml of Grape 12mg, 120ml of Dream Tea 12mg, 120ml of Beast Treats 12mg, 240ml of Unflavored 24mg from MBV and saved 35%. I also picked up a Christmas gift for a family member and added a few things for me, a Joyetech Procore Aries tank and some 5 packs of various coils, Cubis, Eleaf Melo, Nautilus BVC, and Procore Aries coils, from My Vapor Store and saved $25.



    Gotta love black Friday. picked up another uwell ironfist mod. they have them on sale over at vapewild. I like them because they change wattage in whole numbers. I never found it necessary to vape at 80.6 watts so it saves me time when I’m adjusting wattage. now I have a mod for each of my sub ohm tanks. grabbed me four high amp Samsung 18650’s so I won’t be running out of mod power anytime soon.

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