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    So I keep reading how everyone is expanding their vaping collection, I wonder how many had a cigarette collection? Did you just have a collection of varying cigarettes that you had somewhere in your house and you added to it every week or every month? I know as a smoker, I had one and only one brand of cigarette that I smoked, and there was one other that I would smoke just in case the store was out of my normal brand, but I certainly did not have a cigarette collection. Is this vaping collection because of all the new stuff China keeps pumping out or because all the youtube reviewers have all these products? I would say that I have about 6-8 mods and about 8 different tanks that I use and I use daily. I am just curious, what is the need for this vaping collection, is it important to have back ups if devices fail or do people just enjoy displaying all their vaping devices? I would not say that I have any collection, I have the devices that I use daily and I treat myself to a couple of new devices and tanks a year, all well within the vape budget that I established when I started. That budget is way below what I would have spent smoking so vaping not only is a healtheir alternative, it also is a tremendous money saver.

    Please discuss…………….



    Yeah, you’re right, I have many friends who were able to give up smoking thanks to vaping. Talking about money saving issue – that’s completely true. I like that I’m able to save money thanks to awesome discounts. Like, three days ago I found this sweet kit: The design and features are GOAT, also it prevents leakage and is very stable… Man, I love this stuff.



    I understand the wanting of new products, but how much is enough? Vape reviewers have alot if vape gear because it is sent to them for review or they buy it for review, but what good is a shelf or three of mods,tanks, etc? Bad enough I still have some older stuff that just collects dust. I am not saying that know one should ever buy vape gear, but a couple of new devices a year is enough imo. Just intrigues me as to how much is spent on vape gear that is not used anymore. Hence the collection, again no one collected cigarettes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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