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Vaping Mods Voopoo Gold Drag Starter Kit


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    I’ve had this mod maybe 4 months, I’m guessing.. I haven’t used it as an every day mod but use it enough and it has worn so bad. The gold has rubbed off pretty bad but the resin is in perfect condition still. The fire button got stuck a few times while firing so that wasn’t fun. The u force tank the kit comes with has been my everyday sub ohm tank and it still is. It’s not the best but i like it. That being said I looked up the prices and mistakenly thought the price of the regular voopoo drag kit was the price of the gold edition voopoo drag kit. I have to say it is not worth spending the extra money for the gold edition unless you intend to shelf it for appearances and not everyday use because like I said I haven’t used it everyday for a few months and the gold has rubbed off pretty bad. It is a beautiful mod but wears badly.

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    Hmmm I have the Black and silver VooPoo Drag and haven’t noticed much wear yet. One thing to consider when purchasing mods is their longevity. Some finishes just last longer than others. At price we are paying now, hard to expect these to last for many years and still look brand new, but in the long run most devices paid for themselves compared to smoking. When I look at my mods, some have held up remarkably and others looked bad after a couple of months of use.

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    I should’ve clicked notify me with emails for replies huh…. yeah i definitely agree but it is just about a $100 mod not saying I don’t expect it to wear or anything and I’m not very good at keeping my mods in good shape but dropping and mishandling a mod and wearing it down is one thing, but it’s wearing simply from being in my hand, everywhere on all sides of the mod except the resin, I’m not saying it’s a bad mod by any means it just wears after use and for the price and the fact it’s the gold edition I think people have/ would buy it for the looks but if you’re using it often the looks don’t last in my experience..

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