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    Welcome to the Vape Lounge forum! Please start here and introduce yourself to the community.

    I am Steve, I am 51 from Illinois. I started way back in 2009 with my first electronic cigarette, but it was just awful so I gave up. Decided to pick up a Blu Ecig back in 2011 and just continued to grow into vaping from there. I was a smoker for over 35 years and have been completely smoke free for 22 months now, all with the help of vaping. I am still predominantly a MTL vaper but I also do enjoy Direct Lung vaping as well. I was the moderator on Epic Ecig Reviews forum since it’s beginning and will continue on here at the Vape Lounge. I have been passionate about helping people give up smoking through vaping from the beginning. Feel free to ask questions and share your stories as your experience just might help someone with the same issue. I look forward to talking to everyone and hearing your success stories as well.

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    Hello everyone! I am looking forward to joining new conversations. As I understand it, this is taking place of the other forum? Will it permanently take place of the other forum?



    Phil here, 5 years vaping after 30+ years of stinkies!



    Hello! Michala from Alabama on this end! I am 54 years old. I began smoking at age 13 and have been smoke free for 11 weeks. I never thought it would be easy but to my surprise….it was! So happy I discovered vaping. I now look at vaping as a hobby!!
    Nice to be here!!



    Vapingjoem i was a smoker for 30 years I’m 41 yrs old and thanks to my daughter who bought my first vape i have been off of the icky sticks for a year now and I’m loving it i got in to rdas about 3 months ago and i love building and use my dead rabbit rda I’ve submerged my self into watching you tube reviewers indoor,vape lounge and several others to many to mention it has really helped me out on this journey.



    James. 27, from IL. Been quit from cigs for 1 year. Was a smoker for 10 years.



    Hey I’m cody from Arkansas. I’m 23 and freshly off cigs for about a month now but I’m obsessed with vaping! I quit bc I’m fixing to be a new father so that’s pretty exciting!



    Welcome to the forum and yes this will be taking the place of the other Epic Ecig Reviews forum!



    Hey guys! My name is Samantha I’m 27years old. I’m from southern Arizona. I’ve been vaping for over a year now. I love it and I haven’t smoked cigarettes in over 4 years.!



    Hello everyone, vaping for just 10 months and no cigars since.



    Welcome to the forum Cody! One month smoke free is awesome!



    Welcome to the new forum Phil, Samantha, and tejas, glad you could join us!



    Hello, Pablo here. Started vaping 6 months ago, not an ex-smoker, just love to vape the delicious flavors.



    Welcome to all the new members!



    Hello, Shane here. I am 44 and had been smoking for almost 30 years. I tried my first vape when E-Cigs came out years ago. The first ones were horrible! Needless to say I kept smoking the icky sticks. Thanks to Chris at Indoor Smokers I was able to get into Sub-Ohm vaping and fell in love with it, much better experience than the first generation E-cigs!

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