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    Hi everyone, my name is Edwin Kuswanto, Im Indonesian live in Indonesia, nice to meet you all.

    I use [Clone] Istick Pico with RDA Tsunami.



    Welcome to the forum Edwin!



    Hi my name is GARY I quit smoking 5 years with the innokins 3rd mod put out and quickly moved up to high wattage mega cloud blowing smok products and now I like the finer vapes and a bunch of tanks and rdas RDTA and other devices love all the new products being put out I’m 40 year old country outdoors man in the great Pacific northwest love it



    Welcome Gary! 5 years smoke free is awesome!



    Hi my name is Bruce aka bajanking I’m 52 was born in Barbados have been Vaping over 4 years. This is my introduction post



    Hi All I am John.
    I started Vaping in 2015. I started with V2 and have never changed , I used the V2-EX, but now it looks as though I will have no choice but to either switch or get compatible clearomizers 808D-1 providing they will fit on V2 batteries.
    I cannot believe V2 closed their doors ! How depressing !
    Anyways im in Texas but originally from New York. Been here 2 years. Talk about a culture shock ! Ha !

    Peace out !



    Hey ya’ll, my name is Sharon and I’m from Texas. I have been smoke free now a little over 3 weeks (and love it) after 25+ years of smoking!! Thanks to my husband and VaporDNA in Houston, Texas for taking the time to sit down with me and actually finding what my personal needs were to make the transition after many self failed attempts previously. I encourage anyone trying to quit smoking… research and read and then have it in your head and heart to quit. Keep slaying those demons ya’ll!!



    Welcome to the forum Bruce, John, and Sharon!

    Sharon, congrats on the 3 weeks smoke free, only gets easier from here!



    Hi all, UK new member. Love watching the videos on the youtube channel. I’ve just started vaping again after a few years away (went back to smoking for some reason). Just a cutting down excercise at the minute but we’ll see where it leads 🙂

    BTW, my name is Colin 🙂



    Welcome Colin! Hope this time around is successful for you!



    TexasJeff, obviously from Texas. Started vaping over a year ago and have not smoked a cigarette since I started vaping. I use the Mig 21 and have found it to be the closest thing to a cigarette. Same sensations you expect from a cigarette but without the nasty chemicals and terrible odor.



    Welcome Jeff! Mig21 is an awesome choice. Congrats on being smoke free for a year!



    Welcome Buum Jansma!



    Hello everyone! I am Denas i have beeen vaping for 4 years since now! And i love vaping and everything about it! I am 20 years old! In my country you can vape from 18 years old. And By The way im from Lithuania! And about vaping now! I like To Buid awesome coils on RDA i Love tanks and intresting mods. So i joined this group to be more close to vapers from all around the world.

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    Hello all new to vaping and love that I now have a place to ask questions and get advice

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