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    Crown, not a jab, I dual used for awhile too, Just a pep talk for 2019, you can do it! I always advise new vapers to not focus on the nic level, focus on quitting first! I still use 12mg, been smoke free for over 2 1/2 years, I like my nic! Good luck to you in 2019!

    Too many vapers focus on the nic level, vaping 10 ml a day at 12mg vs vaping 30ml a day at 3mg is not reducing nic level at all, just vaping more liquid but the nic level is actually the same. Even though this is better than smoking it is not healthy, it is harm reduction.

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    Hi everyone my name mike I’m 29 I’m from Edinburg tx and I’m new to this vape lounge forum I’ve watched every indoorsmokers video and i love em all



    Welcome to the forum Mike!


    Crown Vapor

    From Indooooooorrer Smoooookers haha lol love that!


    Hello to all my fellow Vapers. I am known as Lochlann from Canada. Been Smoking for over 25 years and have now been Vaping for about 6 months. Ive tried over 15 different mods and tanks since starting. Unfortunately all but 2 turnedout badly for me. Still learning about this new lifestyle. I’m definitely a Flavour & Cloud chaser for sure. My go to mods currently is a 150W Asmodus which sadly broke down over the Christmas holidays. I used to Vape from an eVic VT with a Crown 3 tank. Loved both, but now that mine is broken I’m looking for more advice on mods. I’ve watched almost ALL of the videos from Indoor Smokers in the last month… So much info and advice that each night I’m looking forward to watching more….. Please keep up the great work and keep those Video’s rolling out… You’re a natural born Video Host!!



    Welcome Lochann! Wow 15 mods in 6 months, that is alot of mods to go throufh! I still have mods from 7 years ago that work perfectly. Sounds like you are really rough on them. Might want to look at the Aegis or Aegis Legend, they are built tough for those that might be rough on their equipment.

    One thing you didn’t say, have you quit smoking or are you still trying?


    Thanks for the welcome 🙂 some of the mods were really cheap ones and some got broken due to dropping (My disabilities cause me to drop things at random). A lot of them still worked great; just not for me (too weak in flavours or just not powerful enough for me and my cloud chasing). I think I gave away roughly 8 or 9 of the 16 I had. My eVic VT could technically be fixed, but my disabilities don’t allow me to do it (the charging port wires need re-soldering which was a common problem with eVic VT. My Asmodus was amazing with the Crown 3 tank but I dropped them 🙁 The tank broke and now the Asmodus won’t turn on at all.

    As for smoking: I haven’t quite yet quit but am VERY proud of myself. I’ve gone from 3 packs per day to roughly 1 pack a week… Once I get another mod/tank the quitting will resume….

    I’ve been looking at the Smok Mag 225 or the Tinker as my next mods. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win one from the contest(s).



    Congrats on droppimg smoking as much as you have and good luck to you in 2019 with finally quitting for good. Maybe look into something that can give you higher nicotine than yoir cloud chasing mods do and you can giventhem up for good!



    What’s up everybody I’m Bryan been vaping for about 5 years started on a kangertech single 18650 small but it peaked my interest once I figured out the nicotine I needed I was off to the races love vaping has helped in more ways then just dropping the sticks I’ve met awesome people learned so much and try to pass it on to who ever seems intrested smoker wise and vapers a like glad to finally be apart of a groupe such as this



    Welcome Bryan! I agree, been a part of the vaping community since 2011 myself. There are alot of awesome people in our community, so i gained some friends as well as quit smoking! Glad you could join us!



    just started watching the vids about 2 months ago



    Hey Dudley from Delaware stop smoking in November 2018 an started vaping now that’s all I want to do is blow cloud’s!



    Welcome tank and dudley!



    The name is Darin. Just starting to get into vaping again. Wasn’t a “big” vaper years ago but definitely have more interest this time then last. Especially trying to put the smokes down and pick up something much safer and more fun!



    Welcome Darin! Giving up smoking, that is what vaping is all about!

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