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    Hello people, VaperEz here, all the way from San Juan, Puerto Rico,vaping for a year now with my wife, also a vaper, I’m 45 years old, Metalhead as fk
    Up the vapin’.



    Hi everyone Charles here. Im into vaping for just a couple of months. So you can consider me a newbie. Hope I can contribute to this forum and vaping communnity. Vape on.



    Hi my name is Christine and I have vapeing for a couple of years now and absolutely love it I watch of indoorsmoker utube videos and find them so informational and it makes me wanna try so may different mods right now I got the mag 225 watt mod and love it I differently wanna try different ones I even make my own juice now I’m into everything about vapeing



    I’m Terry I’m 28 be 29 in about 2 weeks I been vapeing off an on for a yr now. I been watching y’all videos for about a yr now. Thanks to yall I was inspired to start vapeing an get off the cigs



    Hi Steve!! Nice to meet you and everyone here! DawnMarie 41 years old from West Palm Beach FL. I’m new recently getting intrigued and interested in the Vape world, I was a smoker on and off for years. I would mostly smoke the icky sticks (btw I love that you guys call them those LOL) whenever I was stressed out or socializing. The smell makes me sick just even being around cigarettes and I never wanted to be perceived as the person that smelt like that. I love all of the content you guys put out and I’m looking forward to learning all about especially the new devices that are coming to the market. Thanks for having Me and look forward to hearing from you guys! Keep up the great work !!



    Hello, I started vaping 5-3-18 and have not smoked for 3 weeks now. I’m looking forward to learning all I can about vaping and it looks like I have found the right place.
    Happy vaping and Peace to all!


    Cajun Jason

    Been vaping since 2013, started on cigalikes , then a vamo, tried building on mocha, but now just like a simple sub ohm tank with prebuilt coils. Started making my own e juice and almost opened a brick and mortar. I consider myself a professional vapers and a full time dad and Husband who lives in south Louisiana



    Welcome to all the new members of the forum!



    Welcome to the forum!



    Hi I’m Kaitlin, 30 yrs old from Elkton, Maryland. I have been vaping for 4 years now after smoking for 10 years. Vaping has become my life and I love it…most likely will never give it up. IndoorSmokers was one of the first reviewers I started watching 2 years ago and now I’m addicted to YouTube bc of vaping lol. I am looking to meeting new people on here.



    Hi guys I’m Tyler, I’m 34 from Oklahoma and I’m a single dad. I quit smoking almost 2 years ago. I quit after I had a coughing fit and my son who was 6 at the time asked me if I was going to die from the cigarettes. After struggling to quit for a month I looked into options online to quit. Vaping is something that popped up and seen that I could taper down my nicotine. After I decided I would go ahead and vape I Googled best vaping mod. Indoorsmokers best mods was the first video to pop up. I watched it and I very much enjoyed Chris and his attitude towards vaping. I instantly subscribed to his channel and have been watching ever since.

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    Hey my name is Jordan ive been vaping going on 3 years right now i have the ijoy avenger with the avenger tank an loving the mesh coils the flavor an clouds an great.I enjoy watching your channel on youtube makes me wanna try to make a channel an get to work with all the awsomee juices,mods,tanks. Keep up the work on the reviews an keep on vaping.



    Welcome to the forum! Good to see you could join us!



    Hello Everyone! I am 46 years YOUNG. Tomorrow will be one month as a non-smoker! I hope to help others understand more about vaping and to get them off those stinky cigarettes. I am from PA and loving life! Hugs to you all and keep vaping!



    Hey guys, Logan here from NZ

    Been vaping for 2 years, indoor helped myself get off the icky sticks. Gotta love his work an follow his channel !!

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