What is your favorite mod?

Vaping Mods What is your favorite mod?

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    So what is your favorite mod? What is the mod that you grab and want to vape everyday?

    For me, my favorite mod is the Smoant Charron TC 218 followed by the Joyetech Cuboid 200w. Those 2 mods are the mods that I want to vape every day! Good form factor, both built really well and I just find myself reaching for those the most.

    What about you?



    I just started getting back into vaping as I quit 6yrs ago and back then we were building our own coils and using an RDA. Now it’s like a whole new type of vaping scene with these new style coils and tanks which are pretty cool and the prices have dropped drastically so I picked up a Smok Alien kit off eBay with 2 batteries and a baby beast tank for $55 so we’ll see how it goes. Went to the local vape shops which are popping up like pimples on a teenager a55 and found my juice to start with.

    Found a local place that only sells their own in-house juices and fell in love with this one.

    Mama’s Orange Sticky Bun (30ml)



    I understand, I have been vaping for a long time also and yes how things have changed! Building is still popular and I do build some, but now it is so easy to just pop a coul in a tabk, fill, and vape! I am kind of on that lazy side of vaping too as I work alot and just want to have my quick nicotine fix and go on. But I do enjoy tinkering and building too. That juice sounds good, it is always good when you find a juice you love! Welcome back to vaping!



    As a newbie still really i like eleaf I sticks. Have 50w at the moment and happy with it.



    Currently my favorite mod is the vaporesso revenger. Around the same size as my alien but works much better and has more features with adjustable wattage and temp curves. One of the biggest pluses over the alien, the tc works considerably better. Similar to the alien in shape so it’s comfortable to hold. Doesn’t fit the bigger atomizers out there 30mm+ but fits up to 27 so some of the newer ones in the 24-27mm range fit without overhang.



    My favourite is the only one I own!
    Oumier Flash VT-1



    One of my old favs was a very solid mechanical, Ok it was a couple years ago now but, oh man. Solid Copper mechanical tube thick with magnetic switch know as FU mod and I topped it with a dripper know as the 454. Four twisted pair coils so a total of 8 coils. Problem I had with it was you could go threw 60ml in no time. But it was a very satisfying vape and huge huge vapor production.



    I used to like my Speeder mod until it started firing on it’s own.
    My only other mod I use is a Eleaf iKonn 220 in red and gold. But the problem I’ve noticed with it is either I have a dodgy pack of coils or the mod is reading them wrong.

    I am thinking of getting a OBS CUBE kit in the sales. What do you think?



    I like the cube! I think it is a nice device, love the looks and form factor. I would say yes.

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