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    Complete Guide To The Vaporesso Luxe II Kit

    Hey guys. Do you like the Luxe series of devices by Vaporesso? This time I’m gonna introduce their Luxe II Kit, I think it is an ideal device for liquid freebase enak. Now please keep up with me for more details.

    The first thing you notice about the Vaporesso Luxe 2 Kit is the incredible IML panels that are available in many different patterns and colors. The overall design is in fact very similar to previous Luxe kits, especially the size, shape, transparency, high color saturation, and the ergonomically curved body. On the back of each mod, one of the panels comes off to expose the battery bay that stores the dual 18650 batteries to power the entire setup. A 2.5A fast-charging USB port makes it also more convenient than ever to quickly recharge the cells while they are stored inside the Luxe II. Adding to the incredible appearance is the user interface that features a 2″ color TFT display screen with customizable UI and touch panel. The adjustment buttons also feature haptic feedback, so they will vibrate as they are pressed on when making adjustments to the Luxe 2’s settings. All previous versions of the Luxe featured an Omniboard, which was quite versatile, but not as much as the new AXON chipboard inside the Luxe 2. You see, the unique chipboard permits many output modes, produces better vapor & flavor, and features an ECO setting that extends the life of the batteries. Additional output modes include power, smart temperature control, and TCR, switched to in an instant by way of the full-color display screen. Plus, a myriad of safety protections on the software and hardware level means you’ll always have a safe vape experience.

    The NRG-S Tank in the Luxe II kit works with GT meshed coils for exquisite vapor and flavor. Meshed coils are known to heat up fast and to have a larger heating surface for a premium experience throughout the vape industry. And, this setup is literally compatible with every type of vape setting you may wish for thanks to 9 different coil options. However, only two are found in the Luxe II kit package: pre-installed, you will get GT meshed coil that has a 0.18ohm heating element and works from 50-85W, or you may want to use the GT4 meshed coil with 0.15ohm resistance and 50-75W range. Best of all, these coils have a handy pull/push coil replacement system to result in mess-free coil swaps. Moreover, the Vaporesso Luxe 2 Kit can take an incredible 8mL of e-liquid, refilled via an effortless top-fill method. You see, adding e-liquid is as simple as sliding the top cap and squirting juice into the exposed port. The tank also includes an insulating layer between the top cap and the vape juice to ensure heat does not escape out of the reservoir. And, at the bottom, there are also two adjustable air intake slots that can be set from wide open to completely closed to achieve your favorite draw and throat hit.

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    What Are The Features Of Steam Crave Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA?

    Hey guys. If you enjoy larger atomizers, you may have interests in the Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA by Steam Crave. Here are more details about it.

    Steam Crave Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA is the newest addition to the Aromamizer lineup. It is primarily constructed out of stainless steel and glass material. Additionally, it has a large diameter of 35mm and would be a great pair with the Hadron Mod. Included with this unique RDTA is a large wide bore 810 drip tip, perfect for high wattage vaping and cloud chasing. The Aromamizer Ragnar holds a large amount of e-juice with the standard tank section. It has a maximum e-juice capacity of 18ml and can be filled from the top. With this much capacity, it’ll easily last you for days! What’s great about this RDTA, is that it utilizes a large postless build deck. It makes it incredibly easy to build on, and even wick.

    Now, if you dislike its height, you can shorten it quite a bit. Included, there’s a chamber reducer, making it much shorter. On top of that, this also allows it to be compatible with the build decks from the previous Aromamizer Plus RDTA. Another feature that makes the Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA unique from other RDTAs is the airflow system. It has adjustable side and bottom airflow. However, it uses 80% of the side airflow and 20% of the bottom, creating a smooth and flavorful draw each time. Lastly, there’s a ton of different variations from single slot holes to multiple slot holes and there’s even a honeycomb airflow underneath the build deck.

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    Is Vaporesso Gen S Mod Worth Buying?

    Hey guys. If you are looking for a decent box mod, you shouldn’t miss out on the Gen S Mod by Vaporesso. Here are more details about it.

    Vaporesso Gen S Mod is a high powered sub ohm vape device that can be paired with the majority of vape tanks due to its 510 connection point. Powered by dual 18650 batteries (sold separately), it boasts a 220W max output which can be adjusted to the user’s preference. As well as Variable Wattage mode, the integrated AXON chipset also gives access to Pulse Mode, Power ECO Mode, and Smart TC mode for a complete, customizable vaping experience.

    The fire-resistant polycarbonate construction provides durability with a lightweight feel, whilst the rubber coating provides a comfortable grip when in use. The innovative output modes are navigated through the three operational buttons which sit underneath the stylish 0.91 inch OLED screen. The large firing button serves to activate, lock, and unlock the device for simple operation. With 2.5A charging capabilities providing a reported 60 minute recharge time, the Gen S strikes the ideal balance between power and output.

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    What Are The Highlights Of The Dovpo College DNA60 Mod?

    Hey guys. Are you looking for a decent mod vape? If so, you may wanna look at the College DNA60 Mod by Dovpo. To jual mod vape, you can check online store.

    Dovpo College DNA60 Mod is a collaboration between Dovpo and a company named Deer Vape. This compact side by side mod utilizes a single high drain 18650 battery. In addition, this device is powered by the Evolv DNA60 Chipset, which is definitely a good thing! With this board, you can customize your vape using a PC and the EScribe software. The mod has a maximum wattage output of 60W, that you can easily adjust using the two small buttons. Right above those buttons is the firing button, and its location is perfect for this style of device. On the bottom is where the display screen is located, which is yet another common feature seen with side-by-side mods.

    Overall, its look is simplistic, but the ergonomics makes it incredibly comfortable. The College DNA60 Mod is primarily constructed of aluminum material. Now, what’s great about this device is the fact that it can accommodate 24mm atomizers, matching many popular RTAs. Lastly, there’s plenty of safety features built into the device. This is yet another awesome DNA box mod to be released this year by Dovpo, and there’s honestly not many like it. If you’re looking for a great looking device for your tanks, then look no further!

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    Complete Guide To The IJOY Captain 2 Kit

    Hey guys. This time I’m gonna make an introduction to the Captain 2 Kit by IJOY. If you are looking for a decent vape mod kit, you may give it a shot. Now please keep up with me for more details.

    Powered by two 18650 batteries, the IJOY Captain 2 Mod features an all-encompassing vape device with plenty of power and tons of features for an incredible experience. It has a maximum power of 180 watts and an output current of 45 amps. A full temperature control suite that works with all standard atomizer heating elements makes this an even more attractive device. Moreover, the IJOY Captain 2 box mod features a brand new full-color display screen that is pleasing to the eyes and its menu is easy to navigate thanks to dual adjustment buttons underneath. On the control face, you can see an oversized fire button and an ergonomic grip underneath. Adding to the exquisite design is the ergonomic zinc alloy chassis that has perfect inlay strips with black, silver, red, blue, and rainbow color options. Use the Captain 2 mod USB cable to recharge the two batteries which are accessed via a bottom flip door.

    If you buy the IJOY Captain 2 Starter Kit, you will also receive the Captain V tank. What stands out is that you will get a total of 8 coils: four 0.15ohm X3 mesh coils and four X3-C1 coils that have a 0.4ohm heating element. And, the reservoir on the Captain V tank may store up to 5mL of e-liquid, although EU residents will get a 2mL version due to regulations. There’s an easy-access top fill port at the top to make adding e-liquid easier than ever. Plus, dual bottom air intake slots diffuse air entering the atomizer and are fully adjustable to your liking. Each atomizer in the Captain 2 Kit perfectly matches the color of the mod for an astounding look.

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    What Are The Selling Points Of Artery Nugget+ Kit?

    Hey guys. Do you like vape devices by Artery vape? This time let’s look at their new Nugget + Kit, I think it is very suitable for freebase liquids. Here we go!

    What really stands out about the Artery Nugget + is that, while it may be a pod mod, it can also be converted to a box mod with the included adapter. Moreover, the Nugget + is designed with an integrated 2000mAh battery that is rechargeable via a fast 2A Type-C port on the control face. The maximum attainable power is 70W, adjustable from just 5W. And, the Aero chipset inside features intelligent wattage settings and a myriad of safety features such as overcharge, overheat, 8 seconds cutoff, short circuit, and balanced charging protection. But that is not where the uniqueness of the Nugget + ends as it also features extremely bright panel finishes and its chassis is translucent, so you may see the circuit boards inside. On the control face, you will also see a full-color display of which the color theme can be changed by a single press of the plus adjustment button. Vape data included on the screen includes current wattage, voltage, atomizer resistance, a puff counter, the current color scheme, and a battery bar at the top. Best of all, when making adjustments to the Nugget +, an LED will light up inside the circuit board for a really cool appearance.

    Each Nugget + comes with a pod that can store a massive 5mL of vape liquid for long vaping times when combined with the powerful internal battery. An easy top fill system means you don’t have to remove the cartridge from the mod. All you do is slide the tab on the cartridge to expose a massive fill port and squirt e-liquid into the reservoir. The pods utilize brand new XP core series of coils with adjustable airflow control for powerful and flavorful vapor production. And, there is even an optional XB RBA head with dual post build deck. With the purchase of the Nugget +, you will get a 0.4ohm coil that operates in the range of 20 to 35W, but there is also an optional 0.15ohm one Nugget GT coil that is compatible and has a 60 to 80W output range.

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    Complete Guide To The SMOK Mag P3 Mini Kit

    Hey guys. Do you like the Mag P3 Kit by SMOK? If that is the case, you may also like their latest Mag P3 Mini Kit, it looks just like the Mag P3, but much smaller at 82mm x 58.5mm x 35.1mm.

    What largely distinguishes the SMOK Mag P3 Mini Kit from similar devices is the waterproof design with IP67 rating. The mod is designed with the same interface as the previous device, but because it is much smaller, it does not have touchscreen capability. Instead, you’ll get a 0.96 inch TFT display with an almost identical full-color menu that is easy to read and of which you may change the color scheme to your liking. Vape data includes an unlock/lock icon, the battery charge level, the current wattage/temperature, the atomizer resistance, the voltage output, and the number of puffs taken. On the technical level, the mod features a 3000mAh integrated battery, rechargeable via a micro USB port. The chipset also has numerous protections to ensure a safe vape experience and the maximum output is 80W in power mode.

    If you finally get the SMOK Mag P3 Mini Kit, you will also receive a SMOK TF Tank. Available in 7 colors, it features a 6mL juice capacity due to a Pyrex-made bulb glass tube which results in long vape times in combination with the Mag P3’s powerful battery. Adding vape juice occurs via an effortless top fill system which involves simply pressing a lock button which swivels open the top cap. And, the coils included in the package are designed with a mesh heating element for the best flavor. You see, the cobra-shaped mesh features a larger heating surface to further enhance flavor. With the purchase of the SMOK Mag P3 Mini Kit, you will receive two TF Tank BF Coils that are fabricated with a 0.25ohm resistance mesh wire and can operate from 30 to 80 watts. But, the recommended power level is 60 to 70W.

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    What Are The Features Of VOOPOO RTA Pod?

    Hey guys, have you used the PnP Pod Tank by VOOPOO? This time I’m gonna introduce their RTA Pod, you may give it a shot if you like.

    VOOPOO RTA Pod is the rebuildable tank atomizer version of the PnP Pod Tank and also the first RTA atomizer with magnetic suction. The difference with the latter is that the RTA Pod does not have a 510 base, but there is a build deck of regular RTA inside which has two posts for single coil building. Measuring in at 26mm, the RTA Pod can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid and can be used directly on all mod pod devices in the PnP pod system, such as Drag X, Drag S, and so on.

    Even better, you can install the RTA Pod on the 510 base of the PnP Pod Tank and switch it to a 510 thread RTA Tank. The RTA Pod supports bottom oiling, and of course, you can also choose to drip oil from the top. At last, through the RTA Pod’s internal dual air intake and infinite airflow system, the airflow is ventilated around the internal single coil structure to produce a dense and delicious vapor cloud. No matter novice or expert, the RTA Pod is a must!

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    What Are The Advantages Of Vandy Vape Berserker V2 MTL RTA?

    Hey guys. Which brand of vape RTAs do you like best? This time let’s look at the Berserker V2 MTL RTA by Vandy Vape, it is the best RTA MTL I’ve found so far in 2020. Here we go!

    Compared to its predecessors, the Berserker V2 MTL RTA has a much larger base design which makes it easier to work with. It is also slightly bigger compared to the other RTAs with measurements that come in at 25mm x 24mm. With purchase, you will also receive a PEI tube and three different drip tips. Perhaps the best new aspect of the Berserker V2 MTL RTA is the 5 different internal airflow tubes you may install underneath your coil build to ensure you get the vapor production and puffs of your choice. These tubes range from 0.8 to 2mm in size.

    External airflow on the Berserker V2 MTL RTA is also adjustable via dual air intakes that can be set from one to seven air holes each. With a 3mL e-juice reservoir, the new top cap design permits for the most convenient refills ever. You see, adding juice to the Berserker V2 MTL RTA is as easy as removing the top cap to expose two childproof and leakproof filling ports. The dual post build deck is compatible with single coil builds and you will receive 2 superfine MTL fused Clapton coils with 0.74ohm resistance in the package as well.

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    Hey guys. Do you like the vape devices by Joyetech? This time let’s look at their eGo Pod Kit, it will be available in online store soon. For cheap JVS liquid, you can also check there.

    At first glance, Joyetech eGo Pod Kit is minimalist which means buttons, adjustments, and clicking is completely eliminated. To fire the device, all you have to do is take a puff, without pressing any buttons making it easy even a beginner to use this setup without worries. And, the eGo Pod is also quite affordable, as we can find it for less than $10 (with coupons) on a wide range of sites. But, don’t let the simple design fool you as the eGo Pod is said to produce flavorful vapor from its 1.2ohm coils, one of which is in the package. Unfortunately, these coils are not replaceable, but they have a design that maximizes longevity with consistent flavor throughout their lifespan. And they can be used with both freebase and nic salt e-liquids for your perfect mouth-to-lung vape experience. Each eGo Pod coil comes pre-installed inside 2mL pods that are easily refilled via a childproof filling system.

    Power to the eGo Pod comes from a 1000mAh battery which Joyetech claims will last up to 2 days without a recharge. But, when you need to top off your battery, the process is simple via a convenient micro USB port on the side which easily plugs into any computer or USB outlet. This capability comes from the Joyetech eGo Pod Kit’s Avatar IC 1.0 chipset that also integrates several protections into its circuit for safety, consistency, reliability, and low power consumption. Safety features include overtime, over-discharge, overcharge, and short circuit protection. Upon closer inspection of the Joyetch eGo Pod’s appearance, you can immediately see this setup is small thanks to a height of only 98mm and also only weighs 47 grams. And, the body is made from stainless steel with silver, blue, rainbow and black finish options.

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    What Are The Advantages Of Oumier Wasp Nano RTA?

    Hey gusy. Do you prefer RDA vape or RTA vape? This time we’ll be covering the Wasp Nano RTA by Oumier, don’t miss out on it if you like.

    Oumier Wasp Nano RTA is a finely crafted vaping atomizer, consisting of a respectable 23mm diameter, a postless build deck with two open terminals, and can hold up to 2mL of today’s popular eJuice to create a beautifully designed atomizer. Built from superior stainless steel construction, the Wasp Nano is compact and sturdy, able to withstand the average wear and tear with little to no problems. With included Pyrex Glass Reinforcement, the Wasp Nano is designed to withstand many things that would put other atomizers out of commission.

    Within the single-coil structure is an elevated postless build deck with two open terminals, top secured via flathead screws, and PEEK insulated on the positive post making this the perfect atomizer for exotic or large coil builds using thicker wires. Airflow enters the Wasp Nano RTA via dual slotted bottom airflow ring and can be adjusted by rotating the ring to the desired size. All in all, you simply can not go wrong with the Oumier Wasp Nano. Just pop in your e-juice and enjoy it!

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    What Are The Features Of Vaporesso GEN S Kit?

    Hey guys. Have you used the Gen Kit by Vaporesso? This time let’s look at their Gen S Kit which is the latest release in the Gen series till now. For hexohm liquid, you can check online store. Here we go!

    Vaporesso Gen S Kit includes the new Gen S mod and the NRG-S tank. Specification-wise, it is closer to the original Gen kit rather than the Nano version. The mod requires 2×18650 batteries and you can charge if urgent via the Micro USB port at 2.5A rate. The output is between 5-220W and the Axon Chip gives various user modes to choose from, including Pulse mode (27% extra flavor & cloud satisfaction), Power Eco mode (Longer battery endurance), Smart TC mode (Accurate temperature control), DIY mode (Vape with manual setting). Your vaping data is displayed on the 0.91in OLED screen.

    As for the NRG-S tank, it is an update to the original NRG tank and can store up to 8ml of e-juice. To refill, just simply slide the top cap to reveal the fill port. Besides the 0.15Ω GT4 Meshed coil (50-75W) and the 0.18Ω GT Meshed coil (50-85W) included in the kit, the tank is also compatible with the other GT range coils. So, there are plenty of coil options for you to choose from! Airflow is still adjustable via an AFC ring at the base of the tank, everything is ready for a perfect vaping. What are you waiting for!

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    What Are The Advantages Of VOOPOO Argus GT Kit?

    Hey guys. Do you want to buy mod kit murah by VOOPOO? This time let’s look at their latest Argus GT Kit that is another lovely proper box mod and sub ohm tank combo with a few natty features… Here we go!

    VOOPOO Argus GT Kit comprises of the new Argus GT mod and the existing PnP Tank. Looking first at the PnP tank – I have covered this in another preview but briefly, this tank was designed to take the popular PnP range of coils. The PnP range is compatible with a whole host of recent VOOPOO kits including the Vinci X, Drag S, Drag X, and Navi. An RBA coil is also available. Included in the kit are the VM5 (0.2ohm) and VM6 (0.15ohm) mesh coils. The tank base houses the adjustable airflow and 510 connector so this can be used on other standard Box mods. Looking at the mod itself now – this uses 2×18650 batteries which are not included in the kit.

    User modes include Variable wattage (5-160W) and Temperature Control. The brain of the mod is the GENE.TT chip which is used in the Drag X and S kits and seems to be very popular. The body is made from Zinc Alloy and Leather and the kit includes a shockproof carry case for when out and about. A type C fast charging port is included for emergency battery charging and firmware updates when released. A quick introduction video from the VOOPOO YouTube channel is included below to give you a closer look. There are 5 colours to choose from: Carbon Fibre, Vintage Grey, Dark Blue, Black/Red, and Black/Blue.

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    Complete Guide To The SMOK Novo X Kit

    Hey guys. Do you like the Novo line by SMOK? This time I’m gonna introduce the Novo X that is the latest addition to the Novo family, and it will be available in online vape store soon. For liquid vape terbaik 2020, you can also check there. OK, here we go!

    SMOK Novo X Pod Kit sports an internal 800mAh battery that can be charged with the included USB cable. In addition, it can provide a maximum wattage output of 25w, just like the previous Novo 2. It’s also just as compact, making it perfect for on the go. However, there’s one major difference and that’s the fact that you can now fully adjust the wattage! The Novo X features a small power button, which allows you to quickly change the wattage or mode. With its display screen, you can see the remaining battery life, wattage setting, and more. Another great feature is the draw activation feature, so it’s great for both newer and experienced vapers. Like many other pod devices, there is plenty of safety features built-in.

    Included, you’ll get two of the Novo X refillable pod cartridges. These pod cartridges have a maximum e-juice capacity of 2ml and can be filled from the side. Both of them have 0.8ohm coil resistance. However, one of them is a dual coil while the other is a mesh coil. All in all, the SMOK Novo X is definitely an upgrade to the previous versions, especially when considering it now has fully adjustable wattage. This does allow you to fine-tune your vape, which you couldn’t do before. So, if you’re a fan, then this is a must-have for your pod collection.

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    Is SMOK Scar 18 Mod An Ideal Choice For DTL Vaping?

    In daily vaping, I prefer DTL vaping style to MTL style. So, I use box mod devices more often than pod system devices. Lately, I found the Scar 18 Mod by SOMK which is very ideal for DTL vaping, here are more details about it.

    SMOK Scar 18 Mod requires two high-drain 18650 batteries and is powered by the new IQ-X Chipset. There’s a couple of reasons as to why this may be one of SMOK’s best releases thus far. First, it’s a powerhouse, delivering a maximum of 230W of power, enough to power pretty much all atomizers. Next, it’s IP7 waterproof, dust-proof, and shockproof, so you know it’ll take a beating with no issues. There’s also a ton of user modes including precise temperature modes.

    What this does is let you set the temperature control for your Ni, Ti, or SS wires accurately giving you a satisfying TC vape each time. It also has TCR to further customize your vape alongside regular power mode as well. SMOK Scar 18 has three large buttons on the face, starting with the large fire button and two big adjustment buttons. On top of all that, there’s a massive color display screen, showing all of your information clearly.

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